Best Mount Batur volcano trekking packages Price and review

By | Nov 25, 2016

BALI Mount batur sunrise trekking tourMount Batur vulcano trekking packages – greetings of friendship, use your time during a vacation to Bali, with a package tour or trekking to Mount Batur Bali ,

Best Mount Batur vulcano trekking packages price and review

Mount Batur volcano is one of the sacred mountain according to Hindu believe. Mount Batur is located in Batur village, Kintamani District, Bali, Indonesia. Mount Batur (Gunung Batur) is 1717 m above sea level can be summited by physically fit hikers in around 2 hours. Our company offering mount Batur trekking Package and also you can hire Mount Batur Trekking guide only without package. Mount batur Trekking is a kind of popular adventure to enjoy the sunrise with volcano view.

The price of mount batur trekking is a IDR. 800.000/ person (minimum 2 person) the price in include with a return transport.

Below we share the tips how to prepare Mount Batur sinrise trekking:

  1. Footwear– Wear the comfortable shoes with a good grip.
  2. Clothings-we suggest you wear clothes you can wear in layers and wich are not too heavy. Also is better if you wear some absorbent clothes because if you start your trekking you will sweat bu as son as you sit down in the night for a break, it will be cooler and wearing sweaty t-shirt make it difficult to get it warm again. temperature mount batur its about 15 degrees celcious.
  3. Bring a torch– a head torch would be ideal but we provide a torch.
  4. Bring a Camera– Prepare your camera for the beautiful view from the top.
  5. Food-You can Preapare your own food but if you prefer to keep your wight down while trekking, spend a bit more on drinks, buying them from the sellers and keeping your rucksact light and save energy.
  6. Mount Batur trekking Trip Advisor -Also you can check on trip advisor for the review that will help you about the company and the traveler review

Hopefully The tips can help you before you decide to do Mount Batur Trekking, if you need assistance please kindly email to directly or se our other interesting tour program. If you have your own itinerary, your private driver will take you anywhere you want to be.

Mount Batur Bali is an active volcano that draws tourists in with both beauty and promise of Bali adventure Tours. We offers climb Mount Batur Bali to enjoy an unforgettable sunrise from the top of an active volcano. Spectacular scenery and the vibration of the sacred earth filling your mind and soul as u served by tasty morning breakfast cooked by the steam of the active volcano.

On the way home from the trek we will stop off at a Traditional Bali Coffee Processing or Bali Agrotourism, place to see various Tropical plantations and see how to make Balinese coffee in very traditional process, and we also get to sample of them as well as local herbal teas, coffees and the unusually processed Coffee Luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world.

Join us for the amazing trek on the active volcano, Climbing Mount Batur Bali!


History of mount batur : The folklore of Bali – is a story about a giant who likes to eat humans. The folklore of Indonesia is also the origin of the onset of Lake Batur and mount Batur. Therefore this very famous folklore in Bali because it reminds us of impending Lake and mount Batur which are currently being one of nature tourism in Bali.

There are many stories of the people of Bali are quite famous one folk story of Kebo Iwa. The dry season has arrived and the famine began to hit the island of Bali. One by one the BAM residents began to empty. Staple foodstuffs began hard to come by, many citizens starving and trying to find food resources in various areas.

At that time inthe island lived a very vicious giant, his name Added kebo Iwa. When a drought like this Kebo Iwa often raging because of hunger. If the Middle hungry Kebo Iwa will eat anything that he encountered. Many of the cattle populationto be santapannya.

Not only is it if you’re on a rampage he also will be chasing afterthe citizens and if caught the Rape Iwa directly eat it alive. The entire residents became frightened but they can’t do anything. Because they can’t fight the power of KEBO Iwa. The Giants were becoming increasingly savage prey on livestock and humans. Then Chairman of kampung citizens gather and find waysto be able to kill Kebo Iwa. After discussions they finally find the way is residents will be pretending to need help Rape Iwa to rebuild houses and the temple worship that has marred Kebo Iwa In return the head of village promised to provide food to the Iwa Added that he doesn’t starve again. Hear the great rewards of Kebo Iwawas pleased, then he immediately rebuild houses and temples that have been dirusaknya. In a few days the House and pretended toback up. Meanwhile the residents collect lime very much. Kebo Iwafeel amazed to see the limestone and asked residents.


For what purposes so they collect very much chalk up to mountainous. Residents said that they wanted to make Kebo Iwa. Kebo Iwa was pleased because since he indeed wanted a home. After the House and the temple was completed, Added Kebo Iwa then started digging a well. Since no tools were finally Added Iwa uses both hands to dig into the ground.Gradually dig wells in the deeper the Iwa Added. Added to these wells also used theIwa as a place to his sickbed. If the daytime Rape Iwa sleep in the wells that he dug. One day while sleeping soundly Kebo Iwa is added in the well, the head of kampung soongathered its members at the edge of the well and ordered residents to stoneKebo Iwa with lime.


The beginning of rape will not be aware of the dangers of Iwa. However, after the chalk him once the population had reached into his nose Added Iwa awakens and becomes violent heat. See it’s population increasingly vigorous shut the well. Kebo Iwa finally drowned due to water mixed with lime and creates heat that melepuhkan skin.Kebo Iwa buried in wells that he dug himself. Well water that gradually flooded it turns into a lake that is now called Lake Batur. And a heap of soil at a dig from the well into a mountain named mount Batur. Bali folklore about Kebo Iwais the folklore of Bali which relates the history of the genesis of Mount Batur and Lake Batur in Bali. Two of these sites are extremely beautiful and become the object of visits within the country and abroad.