0.0 00 [su_box title=”KERTHA GHOSA” style=”soft” box_color=”#31c66e”] KERTHA GHOSA   Kertha Gosa is located at the center of Klungkung regency town, it’s about 1,5 hours driver from Denpasar, for those who take a tour to the eastern part of Bali, Visit Kertha Gosa is a must. As the former kingdom, if reasonable Klungkung has many a time this… Read More »

Tohpati Village

5.0 01 Tohpati Village Tohpati Village is just about 1 hour drive from Kuta, and famous for Bali’s hand Batik and traditional hand Weaving Center. Batik is a traditional form of painting fabric. They painstakingly use dots and lines from wax to decorate the cloth. It is very impressive to witness their process of making batik. Batik is… Read More »


0.0 00 [su_box title=”BALI MUSEUM” style=”soft” box_color=”#31c66e”] Bali Museum Bali Museum is strategically located in Major Wisnu Street in Denpasar Bali and it is find it due to the location is in the heart town. In the north side there are glorious temple of Jagatnatha, meanwhile in front of it the Puputan Badung (Badung Courtyard) and four face statue (Catur Muka Statue)… Read More »


4.0 01   TEGALLALANG RICE TERRACE Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud is famous for its beautiful scenes of rice paddies involving the subak(traditional Balinese cooperative irrigation system), which according to history, was passed down by a revered holy man named Rsi Markandeya in the eighth century. Tegallalang forms the three most splendid terraced landscapes in Ubud’s shared region, with… Read More »


0.0 00 [su_box title=”ALAS KEDATON” style=”soft” box_color=”#31c66e”] ALAS KEDATON MONKEY FOREST Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest is located in Kukuh countryside, Marga Sub district, Tabanan Regency. Alas Kedaton is a small forest with the width about 6-7ha located in the middle of the rice field in Tabanan regency, west part of Bali. The total size of this forest, temple and… Read More »